Thursday, 13 October 2016

SEO Rules for eCommerce Content Marketing

Search engine optimization and content marketing go hand in hand.  If your content marketing is done well, then it can do a great justice to your natural search rankings. 

In order to successfully blend eCommerce marketing with your SEO, follow these simple rules:

Find Out What Matters to the Customers
You don’t want to waste your time marketing information to people that no one actually cares about.  Successful marketers do research on what their customers need. A good way to do this is SEO keywordresearch. Not only is it free, but it will give you a good idea on what matters to your customers.

Wisely Choose Content Types
Try to avoid to sticking to only lengthy articles.  This can be effective, however it is also wise to publish things like step-by-step guides or videos with transcripts.  Google what type of content is already ranking well for the phrases you want to use.

Include Descriptive Text
It is wise, for Google’s sake, to always include descriptive text along with images or videos you post. Although search engines are smart, it is essential that they truly understand your content in order to effectively rank it.

Remember What You Need to Sell
Be selective in the content you post.  Make sure it is actually related to the products and services you are trying to sell.  Although this sounds like an obvious point, it is actually ignored quite often.

Remember Who You’re Writing To
Avoid using heavy jargon and complicated language.  Remember who you are writing to, and make the information clear and easy to comprehend. Go back to your keyword search and look at the content that comes up in order to see the language that customers are using.  You want to relate to them as best as possible.

Remember to Sell in a Gentle Manner

In addition to your products and services being great, your content needs to be great in order to appeal to consumers. The content itself rates alongside the products and services.  Instead of a pushy approach, sell as gently as possible.  In addition to current shoppers, your goal is to attract even more people searching on the web.  To entice more people, use a gentle technique such as an image with a link to the product photographed.  Make sure that the content enables that person to easily find their way to the associated product or service.

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